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SBU blocks in Donbas illegal scheme of real property re-legalization in militants’ names (video)

SBU officials blocked illegal scheme of real property re-legalization in militants’ names in Donbas.

The law-enforcers established that ex-judge of one of Donetsk district courts found employment in Bilhorod-Dnistrovkii interdistrict court of Odesa region after temporarily occupation of the city. She took along the seal of Donetsk court and data on property owners in the territory of so-called “DNR”.

The secret service operatives documented that by the order of the “DNR” terrorist organization illegal armed groups’ leaders the judge illegally re-legalized the ownership title to almost 20 apartments, which were left by internally displaced persons. She certified deals by the seal, indicating years of legalization, which predated temporarily occupation of separate Donbas areas. She conducted re-legalization of apartments by the state registers in the territory under Ukrainian power control in the ATO area without physical presence of the parties to the agreement.

In due course of over ten searches in the territory of Donetsk and Odesa regions the SBU officials seized seals and sham documents for illegal change of owners. The materials, detected by the law-enforcers also testify that the offenders planned to “expand” the deal to the illegal assignment of property in the other regions of Ukraine, particularly in Kyiv.

In the frameworks of criminal proceeding, initiated by the Article 258-3 of the Criminal code of Ukraine, the judge and one of the deal organizers are notified of suspicion in crime commitment. At present the issue on the choosing of the restraint measure for the offenders is under consideration.

The urgent investigations are under way.    


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