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SBU: Militants of PMC “Vagner” come to so-called LNR (audio)

The SBU confirms that the additional forces of PMC “Vagner” came to the territory of temporarily occupied districts of Luhansk region for armed assistance to so-called “Minister of Internal Affairs of LNR” Ihor Kornet.

It should be noted that in 2015 Kornet and PMC “Vagner” leader Utkin are the very same men who under command of FSB Russia representatives led the liquidation of leaders and “mopping up operation” of armed formations “Batman”, “Kosogor”, “Foma” and also different others Cossack military formations.

On the audio recording containing terrorists` talks, wiretapped by the SBU, it will be heard the specific details of that events, including information about personal Kornet`s initiative concerning liquidation of his former “fellow soldiers”.

The SBU leaves open the possibility of the similar scenario for the course of events subsequent to the results of termination of the current situation in Luhansk.

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