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Kharkiv: SBU stops activity of network of pseudo-reabilitation centres (video)

SBU officers in cooperation with the National Police under the procedural supervision of the Prosecutor's Office shut down the network of Kharkiv pseudo-reabilitation centers where the patients were kept forcibly.

The law enforcers established that the preachers of a Protestant charismatic religious organization set up the unlawful business. They lured drug users and alcohol dependent people to the "clinics".

Thw offenders promised the patients or their relatives full treatment and comprehensive psychological help. The inspection documented that the centres posessed neither medical staff nor licensing documents in the health sphere. After receiving the prepayment for "treatment", the organizers accomodated patients in the rented large private houses, where they were forcibly kept until the end of rehabilitation course.

The SBU officers documented that in reality the pseudo-reabilitation centers did not provide any medical treatment. People with severe illnesses, including hepatitis, tuberculosis, and HIV were among the patients. "Help" was in the form of constant prayers and doubtful religious rites.

Eight patients were kept in 9-10 m2 rooms in unsanitary conditions; the windows of the premises were closed with lattices. While staying in the centres, the patients were deprived of their mobile devices; rare calls to relatives were allowed only in the presence of the instructors of the centre. Exit outside the premises was strictly banned. The patients were beaten or placed into an underground accommodation for the slightest fault or attempted escape.

The SBU operatives established that the cost of the "treatment" in the centre was considered by the organizers depending on the solvency of the relatives amounting from UAH 3,000 to 8,000  (USD 100-300) per month. In fact, only the minimal sums were spent on the treatment of the patients.

During the special operation, the law enforcers stopped the illegal activities of five pseudo-reabilitation centres that housed nearly 230 people with different addictions.

Pre-trial investigation was conducted under Article 146 and Article 126 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Urgent investigative and operative actions are under way.


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