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Kyiv region: SBU exposes illegal seizing of 21 ha of land

SBU officers in cooperation with the Prosecutor's Office exposed the unlawful activities of a group of people who illegally seized land plots in Kyiv region.

The law enforcers established that the offenders were searching for straw men among the disadvantaged population and students. They took away their rights for the symbolic monetary reward on receiving the land for private use as stipulated by the Constitution of Ukraine. This method was used by the participants of the group for seizing of the land plots with a total area of over 21 ha in the territory of the village council of Vyshhorod district in Kyiv region.

According to the SBU information, the offenders sold land costing over UAH 40,000 (USD 1,539) per parcel.

The law enforcers conducted eight searches in Kyiv and in the region in the offenders’ residences and offices. During the investigative actions, the SBU officers seized the state acts of land ownership, extracts on the illegal registration of land plots and other documents proving the illegal activities.

According to the results of the measures conducted by the SBU and the Prosecutor's Office, the court arrested 224 land plots, including 23 gardening companies with the estimated value on the moment of the illegal acquisition of property was over UAH 7,500,000 (USD 288,462).

The SBU investigators served notices of suspicion in committing the crime stipulated by Part 4 Article 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine to three persons involved into illegal activities.

The investigation is under way. The measures on returning the land to the property of the communities are being taken.

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