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Dnipropetrovsk region: SBU exposes Russian preparation of interference in oncoming Presidential election in Ukraine (video)

In August, the SBU officers, during the execution of tasks on counterintelligence protection of the state's interests in the sphere of information security, exposed and blocked the network of the Internet agitators who were tasked by the Russian intelligence services to interfere with preparation of the oncoming Presidential elections in Ukraine.

The SBU operatives established that Russian intelligence services recruited via the Internet residents of the Dnipro, Kryvyi Rih and Nikopol cities, who were tasked with administering the groups in social networks. The Russian special services set a task for the preparation of a “base” for carrying out the pre-planned measures aimed at influencing the course of the oncoming Presidential elections in Ukraine through the manipulation of the public opinion of the Internet users.

The SBU officers established that the tasks included the search for bloggers and active members of social network groups who were supposed to publish, for money reward, Russian-made political news. The administrators also had to engage the “dummy” persons for registering Internet sites in the Ukrainian domain segment. The Russians offered a money reward for these actions, too. In parallel, the Dnipro resident had to find and commission SEO services from the IT companies located in the south-eastern regions of Ukraine. According to the plans of Russia's special services, such actions had to conceal their participation in the distribution of “fake” news and the promotion of certain participants of the pro-Russian electoral process.

Russian supervisors also planned measures of escalation the politico-social situation on the eve of and during the Presidential election in Ukraine. The makers had to “pervert” the news so as to discredit the state authorities and local self-government, creating social network groups with allegedly “patriotic” sentiment. These resources were earmarked for the publication of destructive materials, including appeals for violent changes of the constitutional order in Ukraine and the violation of territorial integrity.

The SBU investigators started criminal proceeding concerned committing the crimes against the foundations of Ukraine's national security, the investigative actions are conducted to gather evidences, necessary to bring the guilty persons to the criminal responsibility.


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