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SBU imposes sanctions on a number of RF transport

Security Service of Ukraine imposes the special sanctions and restrictive measures to certain Russia business entities, which concluded contracts with the transport industry enterprises, controlled by occupation administration of the ORLO.

Officers of Security Service of Ukraine established that during 2018, a number of Russian legal entities and individuals contracted ‘foreign economic agreements’ with transport companies, which operates in the temporarily occupied territory. Based on these agreements, the systematic cargo smuggling takes place through the closed Luhansk Customs Border-Crossing Points ‘Izvaryne’, ‘Dovzhanskyi’ and ‘Chervona Mohila’.

At the same time, Russian business entities tried to make a business with domestic enterprises on the territory, controlled by Ukrainian authorities

Through their actions, Russian entities violates the international norms and rules and are involved in the financial and material provision of terrorist organizations in the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. This causes substitutional damage to Ukrainian economy, therefore SBU imposed special sanctions and restrictive measures by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine and the National Security and Defense Council.

At present, the National Security and Defense Council and Ministry of Economy imposed sanctions on a number of country-aggressor enterprises, including AT ‘RJD Logistika’, TOV ‘Promkompleksplast’, TOV ‘Gazgolder’ and other Russia economic operators.

These sanction measures include freezing of assets, restriction of trading operations, partial or complete termination of resources transit, flights and transportations by the territory of Ukraine, and other restrictions that prohibit doing the financial and economic activity by the offenders in Ukraine and prevent the capital withdrawal from our state.


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