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Vasyl Hrytsak: Results of pseudo-elections in separatist-held territories orchestrated by Kremlin (video)

Russia simulates and fully controls the electoral process on the temporary occupied Donbas territories. "The results of fake elections in separatist-held territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions have been orchestrated in advance by the Kremlin,” the SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak said at the briefing.

The figures of “voting winners” have already been drawn in the administration of the Russian president. The SBU has operational data that the Administration of the President of Russia has set a task: Pushylin is to receive 55% of the vote, Pasichnyk 63%, the turnout is to be 70 percent of voters. “The candidates have been chosen by the Kremlin following the principle of a puppet with no blood on their hands,” stressed the SBU Head. Ostensibly, this would legitimise the newly-elected “leaders” for the global community and force the Ukrainian authorities to negotiate with them, says Hrytsak.

The SBU field data supports the thesis that this particular plan was voiced by Vladyslav Surkov, aide to the President of Russia, to Denis Putshylin, separatist leader, during their meeting in early October this year in Moscow. Surkov guaranteed the boost of financial support and his personal patronage, also sending to the separatist-held territories a team of his hand-picked spindoctors.

The Matrix of Russia's actions is invariable since 2014; it envisages a support pool from the controlled NGOs, their organization and mobilization in order to counteract Euro-Atlantic plans of Ukraine. As of 01.01.2014 the Russia’s “fifth column” in Ukraine included almost 670 organizations of different directions. Because of the Revolution of Dignity, only 150 of them began active work aiming to thwart the breakdown of European integration and Euro-Atlantic direction of the Ukrainians.

Representatives of these structures under the supervision of Russia’s special services, in particular, took an active part in the organization of pseudo-referendums in 2014. At present, according to the facts of illegal referendums and elections in the Donbas in 2014, the SBU instituted 391 criminal proceedings against 363 persons, of these 267 in relation to 282 persons were directed to the court, with the indictment. Over 100 people involved in organization and conduct of pseudo-election are already charged by the courts.  

The SBU holds the ID data for over 6,500 members of the so-called “electoral headquarters and electoral points”. All information on these persons has already been transferred to Ukrainian law enforcers who are on duty at of entry-exit control points on the delimitation line. Such actions constitute the crimes stipulated by Article 109 (actions aimed at the forceful change or overthrow of the constitutional order or take-over of government), Article 110 (trespass against territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine), Article 258-3 (creation of terrorist group or terrorist organization) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The SBU encourages citizens living on temporarily occupied territories to ignore the pseudo-elections because the results have long been determined. “On 11 November we will witness a new major performance organised and orchestrated by Moscow,” emphasized Vasyl Hrytsak.

According to the Kremlin's plan, the pseudo-elections are to become the basis for its agents of influence in Ukraine, to demand from the Ukrainian authorities to sit at the table of negotiations with leaders of terrorists, “elected” by so-called “free will”. “I have already demonstrated the spiking process for “Russian Spring” in Ukraine before 2014 – forming a group of pro-Russian civic and political forces, their unification and consolidation. This is the process that goes on now,” noted the SBU Head. The pseudo elections must become a trigger for the widespread offensive under the supervision and at the expense of the Kremlin pro-Russian lobby in Ukraine,  under the slogans of “Peace” and “love to the fraternal peoples”.

For Putin, the most terrible enemy is the truth about his crimes in Ukraine, the truth about Russia’s explicit violation of of Ukrainian Sovereignty, the truth about Russia’s daily shameless intrusion in internal affairs of Ukraine. “But at the same time this truth is our strongest weapon,” noted the SBU Head. 

The Security Service of Ukraine will continue to do everything necessary to protect our state from the Russian aggression. Only joint efforts of the State authorities, law enforcement agencies, Ukrainian patriotic, civic and political forces can counter the attempt of the reincarnation of pro-Russian power in our country.

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