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Lviv: SBU exposes businessmen on unauthorized copying of military-grade information using prohibited Russian software (video)

The SBU officers exposed a commercial structure which, using the prohibited in Ukraine software “Parus” and “Afina” databases (sanctioned in line with Presidential Decree), have illegally acquired databases and information bases belonging to state institutions, military units and enterprises in Lviv region.

The SBU operatives have established that businessmen were legally servicing the software of these institutions. However, during the servicing, they installed the prohibited programs for data copying. The use of these programs allowed offenders to get unauthorized access to information and telecommunication systems of more than 100 state and military institutions, enterprises and organizations.

During authorized investigations law enforcers found stolen databases belonging to military units and state agencies of the region. It was found that copying of data arrays occurred, in particular, through the TeamViewer remote control software.

Given that the “Parus” and “Afina” software are distributed and updated from Russia-located servers, actions of the criminals have created pre-conditions for leakage of restricted information. Databases stolen by using Russian programs became available to the aggressor country and could be used to the detriment of national security.

In the meantime, investigations are ongoing in the framework of the initiated criminal proceedings under Art. 359 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine under the procedural supervision of the Lviv Regional Prosecutor’s Office. In particular, a version is being checked about illegally copied data passed to the special services of aggressor country.


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