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SBU materials help to sentence Russian citizen, soldier of so-called “DNR” to 15 years of imprisonment

SBU materials helped to convict in absentia a Russian citizen, soldier of so-called “DNR” to 15 years of imprisonment, with confiscation of property.

The SBU operatives established that in 2014 the Russian citizen travelled to Donetsk and joined the illegal armed formations. Being the part of the terrorist formation “Vostok”, he was the supervisor of one of the subversive groups. By order of the commanders, the militants were to carry out terrorist attacks and sabotage, collect information about the location, number, routes and deployment of the units of Ukrainian Armed Forces. The Russian native took active part in hostilities against ATO forces in the areas of Snizhne and Savur-Mohyla burial hill.

 Also, the terrorist’s accomplice controlled issuance of weapons, radio stations, the urban sabotage training for militants on Russian Armed Forces range in Rostov region.  

The SBU officers recorded that in November 2014 the offender held the head “position” of one of the department heads of “DNR Security Council”, supervising activities of sabotage groups in the Yasinuvata district and near Avdiivka in Donetsk region.  In 2016, the militant worked in the so-called “internal troops of the DNR Ministry of Interior Affairs”.  

SBU materials helped the Zhovtneviy District Court of Mariupol to find the criminal guilty under Part 1 Art. 258-3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.


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