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SBU exposes attempts of terrorists to recruit sentenced prisoners transferred to Ukrainian authorities from the temporarily occupied territory of Luhansk region

The SBU CI officers involved in the operation of the Joint Forces revealed systematic attempts of recruitment by representatives of the “LNR” terrorist organization of sentenced prisoners transferred from the temporarily occupied territory of  Luhansk region to Ukrainian penitentiary institutions for serving of the sentence.  

In the course of checking events, the special service operatives, in particular, found three prisoners displaced from temporarily occupied Luhansk in December 2018, recruited by the so-called "MGB LNR".

The law enforcers established that terrorists, by means of threats and psychological pressure, forced sentenced prisoners to sign an obligation to cooperate privately. According to the plans of the militants, prisoners after serving the sentence should have collect for MGB LNR information on the places of disposition, number and movement of Ukrainian military units. In the event of a refusal, terrorists threatened violence, denied visits to their relatives and blocked the movement to the territory under Ukrainian power control.

The sentenced prisoners provided the SBU officers with detailed information on the circumstances of recruitment.

The measures are being taken to verify other persons who may be involved in unlawful activities.

The SBU warns that according to Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, state betrayal is punishable by imprisonment for up to fifteen years. But a citizen of Ukraine is exempted from criminal liability if he has not committed any act in pursuit of the criminal task and voluntarily declared to the state authorities his contacts with the special service of the enemy.

The measures to uncover unlawful actions were carried out jointly with representatives of the State Criminal Execution Service.


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