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SBU exposed head of regional NGO on weapons sale (video)

The SBU officers in the framework of measures to counter illegal arms trafficking detected the head of one of NGOs in one of the district centres in Cherkasy region on the illegal sale of arms and ammo.

The SBU operatives found that the resident of Cherkasy region stored military munitions for sale in one of utility rooms in his residence. He was looking for his customers, particularly, among residents of the capital , where he went out periodically to.  The SBU officers documented the facts of the criminal selling two Makarov guns with ammo for USD 2,400.

Law enforcers detained the offender in one of the regional centers of Cherkasy region after selling the Kalashnikov assault rifle and more than 100 rounds of 7.62-calibre ammo for USD 1,000.

The detainee was served a notice of suspicion in committing a crime stipulated by Part 1 Article 263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The issue of choosing a measure of restraint is being settled.

The detection measures were conducted by the SBU Main Directorate in Kyiv and Kyiv region jointly with the investigators of the Sviatoshyno Police Department.


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