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SBU thwarts Russian special services attempts of recruiting Ukrainian servicemen (video)

SBU officers from the Main Directorate of military counter-intelligence unveiled numerous attempts of Russian special services trying to recruit Ukrainian servicemen with clearance, in order to get the intelligence in the Ukrainian defense sphere.

SBU operatives established two facts of contacts of Ukrainian servicemen with representatives of Russian special services during when the former visited the temporary occupied Donbas territory or for visited Russian diplomatic institutions in Ukraine.

Representatives of Russian special services exercised psychological and physical pressure on Ukrainian servicemen, endangering their live and health and threatening their families.

Both officers did not commit any unlawful actions to the detriment of country interests.

The SBU once again warns Ukrainian citizens to avoid travelling to the Russian Federation, temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions and the Crimean Autonomy.

We emphasise that in accordance with Part 2 Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, “citizens of Ukraine are released from criminal liability if they did not commit any acts requested by a foreign state, foreign organization or their representatives and voluntarily reported on links with them and the received task.”

The SBU recommends Ukrainian citizens who came in the sight of Russia’s secret services and received recruiting proposals, to get into contact with the SBU’s bodies instantly.

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