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Dnipro city: SBU blocks activity of drug dealers group

SBU officers in cooperation with the National Police of Ukraine under the procedural supervision of the Prosecutor's Office blocked the activities of an illegal drug dealers group engaged in production and selling of precursors in Dnipro.

The SBU operatives found that the group consisted of nine residents of the regional centre. The offenders organized two drug labs for production of pseudoephedrine and phenylnitropropene, used for synthesis of psychotropic substances amphetamine and methamphetamine. The precursors were distributed throughout Ukraine via a wide net of dealers, using the Internet and courier delivery services.

During the authorized searches, the law enforcers found in the criminals’ residences and utility rooms two drug labs, equipment for precursors production, 15 kilos of pseudoephedrine, over 100 kilos of the substance for drug synthesis, more than 3.5 tons of sulphuric acid and over 600 litres of hydrochloric acid, five kilos of cannabis, communications equipment and documents which prove the illegal activities of the persons involved.

The estimated “black market” value of the confiscated drugs is over UAH 12,000,000 (about USD 450,000).

The SBU operatives established that the members of the group have already been detained in early March 2019 by the officers of the Department on Combating Drug-Related Crimes of the National Police of Ukraine, but the group hadn’t stopped its illegal activities.

Within the framework of the criminal proceedings opened under Part 3 of Art. 311 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, a notice of suspicion in committing the crime has been served to five persons involved in the case; two persons have been taken to custody under Art. 208 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine; the issue of choosing a measure of restraint for the others is being settled.

The investigative and operative actions on bringing to responsibility other persons involved in the illegal activities are under way.

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