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SBU exposes official of the Ministry of Defense on theft and appropriation of defense enterprise funds

Counter-intelligence officers of the Security Service of Ukraine exposed the illegal scheme of appropriation of funds of state-owned enterprises of the defense complex in which the official of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine was involved.

Special services officers established that the colonel of one of the Military representative offices of the MD organized a mechanism for the theft and appropriation of the state enterprise "Antonov” funds. The deal was carried out through the conclusion of sham civil agreements for the provision of services for the performance of work on the determination of the technical condition of aircrafts, arriving for repair.

In fact, no inspections were carried out, and the aircrafts transferred to the customer with false certificates of safety, which could lead to emergencies and human casualties. As a result of unlawful actions of the attacker, a strategic enterprise of the defensive complex has suffered losses amounting to five million hryvnias.

Within the framework of criminal proceedings entered to the Unified registry of pre-trial investigations under Part 5 of Art. 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, investigators of the Sviatoshyn Police Department conducted investigative actions under the SBU materials.

During searches, law enforcement officers detected drafts and projects of civil law agreements, fictitious documents on their execution, computers and media of the information on which they were prepared, copies of documents of individuals from military representatives and other civilians in the name of which agreements were concluded without their knowledge. Also the records of accounting fraud shadow deals, documents on the withdrawal of illegally received funds to one of the countries of Western Europe were detected.

Investigators served to offender notice of suspicion, and the issue of choosing a measure of restraint is being settled. The possible involvement in the deal of other officials of the Ministry of Defense is also checked.


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