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SBU blocks smuggling channel of drug medicaments in Lviv region

In Lviv region the SBU officers blocked the smuggling channel of foreign medicaments containing psychotropic and narcotic substances, that were imported into the territory of Ukraine from one of the European countries.

The SBU operatives found and seized nearly 300 pills without Ukrainian certification at the checkpoint "Rava-Ruska" of the Lviv Customs. The drug contains the pseudoephedrine substance, which is used by drug traffickers for methamphetamine production in laboratories.

A resident of Lviv transported the drugs purchased on the "clients” order by international-traffic bus. She hid drugs from customs clearance in luggage in her personal belongings.  According to the SBU, the woman regularly “delivered" such orders for a long period of time.

The seized drugs were sent for examination. The issue of serving a notice of suspicion of committing a crime stipulated by Article 305 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine will be decided upon the result of the examination.

Investigative actions are ongoing.

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