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Kyiv: SBU exposes corrupt official of Interregional Unit of State Migration Service

The senior expert of the area office of Interregional Unit of the SMS of Ukraine in Kyiv region has set up a mechanism for receiving bribes from citizens for fast-track issuance of biometric passports for travel abroad.

In the framework of fighting corruption in migration-related executive authorities, the SBU operatives exposed the official at receiving illegal financial gain from several "clients". It was established that the official was receiving money in tranches. Half of the amount was given in advance, and the rest was received after the issuance and delivery of passports.

Law enforcement officers detained the official at her workplace on receiving USD 300, the second part of another bribe. A few days earlier, the SBU documented receiving of the advance for fast-track issuance of six foreign passports.

The issues of serving the criminal a notice of suspicion in committing a crime stipulated by Art. 368 (“Taking a bribe”) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, and choosing the measure of restraint are being decided.

SBU exposed the unlawful mechanism jointly with anti-corruption team of Interregional Unit of the SMS in Kyiv region under the procedural supervision of Kyiv Local Prosecutor's Office No. 7.

The pre-trial investigation is ongoing.

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