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Sumy City Day: presentation of film dedicated to Hero of Ukraine, SBU Colonel Oleksandr Anishchenko

In Sumy, students of the local specialised school “Unicum” in cooperation with Sumy TV & media company “Vidikon” presented a short film “Olexandr the Defender of Sumy” dedicated to the Hero of Ukraine, Colonel of the Security Service of Ukraine, honorary citizen of the city of Sumy Olexandr Anischenko who was killed in the line of duty in 2014 near Sloviansk.

The premiere was attended by Oleksandr Anishchenko's parents, wife, friends, colleagues, members of the Anti-Terrorist Operation with families, teachers, local deputies, and city residents interested in the event. The main focus was on children - members of the creative team, who wrote the legend, illustrated it and played roles in the film.

Lyudmila Hoviyna, the head of the creative project, which has been going on for two academic years, said that in 2017 the pupils joined the creation of a modern Ukrainian epic about the legendary defenders of our motherland. Together they wrote the first modern legend of Sumy, and then illustrated the book “Olexandr the Defender of Sumy”, which was used as the basis for the film.

Some 50 children joined the creative project, combining a genuine childish desire for peace, reflections on the value of human life, love for their native Sumy and responsibility for the fate of Ukraine. The film is based on a combination of children's stories and documentary footage that reflect the 2014 combat events in the ATO area.

After watching the short motion picture, Olexandr’s parents - Hryhorii Mykolaiovych and Zinaida Mykolaivna, as well as a representative of the regional SBU Office, addressed the young audience with the words of gratitude for keeping alive the bright memory of Olexandr Anishchenko in good deeds and endeavours, new creative projects - because “legends do not die - they live forever.” Adults urged children to always remember a great price Ukraine and its people pay for the opportunity to live, study, and work under the peaceful sky.

“Ukraine is the motherland where you live, in which you were born. If you love your country, you will help it, you will not leave it in the war and you will not let it perish,” wrote Valeria Teplukhina, the young author of the book-legend “Olexandr the Defender of Sumy”.

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