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SBU exposes law enforcers on illegal surveillance of citizens for reward

The Security Service of Ukraine blocked the activity of a group of persons who sold to customers information obtained in the course of illegal operational and technical measures.  

The operatives found that the group consisted of former and current officers of the National Police and SBU, as well as some Kyiv residents previously prosecuted for similar crimes.  

During the pre-trial investigation, the law enforcers documented that since 2015, the attackers had been systematically tapping mobile telephones and  conducting visual surveillance of the facilities. The criminals also hacked users' accounts on social networks, emails and popular messengers, illegally tampering with information resources of the law enforcement agencies.

The group members were looking for clients among business community. The price tag depended on the complexity of the task, reaching several thousands USD for a “service pack”. 

Participation in the illegal activity of each of the abusers was clearly identified. The masterminds, two residents of the capital, were responsible for finding clients and taking orders. Former police officers - conducted visual surveillance and established contacts with the police and SBU officers. Acting law enforcement officers - executed the bugging tasks.  

In the course of complex special operation, the officers detained six members of the group on their transfer to the customer of a flash memory with a weekly traffic report of communications of his business competitor. 

During searches at the places of residence and work of the offenders in Kyiv and Kharkiv, SBU officers seized the consolidated reports on the results of illegal covert investigative (search) actions, malicious software for unauthorised interference with the computer equipment. They also found copies of state-run databases, fake IDs of law enforcement officers, ammo for small arms, computer equipment with evidence of unlawful activity.

Investigation is ongoing. The issue of serving a notice of suspicion to the criminals under Art. 328 and 359 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and the choice of measures of restraint are being decided.


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