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Militant extracted by SBU from temporary occupied territory now testifies on LNR crimes

SBU special ops extracted a former militant of illegal armed group to Ukraine-controlled territory. The man gave testimony about the activities of LNR “law enforcers” to Ukrainian investigative bodies and operative units.

SBU operatives found that in 2017 financial problems forced the citizen of Luhansk to become a member of tank unit (so-called “4th brigade” of 2nd army corps of “LNR People's Police”). He left “LNR” after non-payment, being disappointed in fake ideas of this “young republic”.  The man was staying in the temporary occupied territory for a while.

Later, the former militant left separatist-held territories and gave the information to law enforcement officers about invaders’ activity and presence of Russian military equipment on the Ukrainian territory.

After checking, the SBU officers found that the man took no direct part in hostilities and did not commit any serious or especially grave crimes. He also provided investigators with important information on Russian aggression against our country. The former member of the illegal armed group was released from the criminal liability by the court decision under Part 2 Article 258-3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

SBU reminds that a person other than an organiser and leader of a terrorist group or terrorist organization, who voluntarily reported to law enforcement bodies about corresponding terrorist activities, contributed to its termination or disclosure of crimes committed in connection with the establishment or actions of such group or organization, shall be exempted from criminal liability if his/her actions do not constitute another crime.

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