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SBU: soon, society would learn new substantial results of Kateryna Handziuk case (video)

The evidence obtained within investigation gives all the reasons to state that the SBU and the Prosecutor’s General Office will inform society about new substantial results of Kateryna Handziuk case before long. Chief of SBU Main Investigation Office Bohdan Tyvodar announced such information during the meeting with activists and journalists.

In November 2018, criminal proceeding regarding the assault on Kateryna Handziuk was submitted to SBU. Now, the most important task for SBU is to bring to criminal responsibility the masterminds and inflict the just punishment.  The best specialists of SBU and Prosecutor’s General Office are continually engaged in the investigation.

Five individuals have been sentenced so far: the organizer of the crime Serhii Torbin and his accomplices - Mykyta Hrabchuk, Volodymyr Vasyanovych, Vyacheslav Vyshnevskiy and Viktor Horbunov.  They were sentenced to imprisonment for a term of 3 to 6,5 years. 

The search of the key criminals, especially of the main mastermind Oleksii Levin, is being conducted in close cooperation with Interpol. Special services of other countries are also involved in investigation.  In accordance with information, he went abroad on 19 August 2018.  Investigation of the ordered murders is one of the most difficult activities worldwide. ”SBU calls all the concerned citizens to provide law enforcement with any information that can help to locate him”, chief of investigation admits.

All the investigations initiated by Kateryna Handziuk will be continued to the end. The investigators are going to receive additional information on the accused persons, engaged in the crime.

The investigators know the real circle of persons who may be engaged in the crime. The Head of Kherson Regional Council have already received a notice of suspicion. “Step by step, we are working on bringing the organizers and customers of the assault to criminal responsibility”, Bohdan Tywodar stressed.

The investigation of the Handziuk case is under way within the five criminal proceedings under the procedural supervision of the Prosecutor General's Office. “SBU considers all the possible reasons, which led to the assault, primarily those which are connected with her accusations of regional officials’ negligence”,  the Chief of Main Investigative Directorate underlines.

On 30 October, the Prosecutor General's Office appointed SBU as a body responsible for investigation of police’s negligence during pre-trial investigation of the 

assault on Kateryna Handziuk.

“We work daily in all the possible directions to not to miss any thread”, the Chief of Main Investigative Directorate claims.

The SBU is ready to cooperate with those who are eager to assist in investigation of this horrid crime and will carefully consider all the relevant information.


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