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SBU CI Department unveils charging of illegal social benefits to residents of separatist-held territories, including militants of quazi-republics

In Kharkiv region the SBU CI Department officers and investigators unveiled the mechanism of financing "L / DNR" terrorist organizations through the deals with social benefits.

Illegal scheme was organized by the internally displaced person from Luhansk region, who for a long time is residing in Kharkiv. For the money award the dealer offered to residents of temporarily occupied territories assistance in illegal charging of pensions and other types of social services.

With the support of the Pension Fund, Labor and Social Protection of Population officials, as well as employees of banking institutions the dealer processed documents on citizens residing in separatist-held territories. Among them "L / DNR" terrorist organizations’ militants and deceased persons were detected.

During eight searches at the residences of the involved persons more than 800 illegally issued bank cards and documents proving multimillion deals with social benefits were seized.

The organizer of illegal scheme was served a notice of suspicion.

Investigative actions are ongoing to bring to justice other persons involved in unlawful activities.

The operation to detect illegal scheme was conducted under the procedural supervision of the Prosecutor's Office of Kharkiv region.

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