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Russian special services try to recruit two residents of Luhansk region

SBU identified next attempts of Russia’s special services to recruit Ukrainians.

Two residents of Milove village planned to visit relatives in Rostov region. After crossing the state border they were detained by the FSB border guards.

Representatives of Russian special services required from Ukrainians confession to the allegedly preparing of sabotages in the territory of Russia. During the interrogation of detainees, traditionally for Russian special services they used psychological and physical pressure.

For two days Ukrainian citizens were detained in the temporary-custody cell without water and food. After that, representatives of the FSB began to persuade prisoners to confidential cooperation, promising to release immediately after signing the commitment. In case of refusal they threatened, in particular, to prevent contacts with relatives living in Russia’s territory.

They required from men to collect information on law enforcement personnel stationed in the territory of Luhansk region.

After returning to Ukraine citizens immediately informed SBU about their contacts with foreign special service and provided detailed testimony about the circumstances of recruitment.

It should be noted that in the current year in Luhansk region were revealed about three dozen of citizens who have been targets of recruitment by the FSB when crossing the state border or during their staying in Russia.

According to Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the state treason is punishable up to 15 years of imprisonment. However, the voluntary report about attempts of foreign special services to engage Ukrainian nationals in confidential cooperation releases from criminal liability.

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