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Military counter-intelligence blocks attempt of Russia’s FSB to obtain source in Ukrainian army

SBU carries out systematic work on early detection and prevention of penetration of Russian special services agents with local military units. Frequently former Ukrainian servicemen, living in temporarily annexed Crimea come in aggressor's view. Using a wide arsenal of methods of “persuasion”, the FSB disposed them to return to military service in Ukraine to collect information and conduct propaganda special operations to discredit the Ukrainian army.

That is how Crimean pseudo-patriot found himself in Kharkiv region, where he had to collect information of military nature concerning defence potential and military readiness of military units located in the region.

In the beginning of 2019 former serviceman of the Armed Forces, who after the events of 2014 stayed on the peninsula, came back to Ukrainian mainland to return to military service.

Senior officer of the Air Force unit after the annexation of the peninsula together with his family lived in Sevastopol in the territory of military town, where his wife, former servicewoman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who betrayed the oath, serving in the armed forces of the aggressor. Detector managed to obtain Russian citizenship, enrolled in the military register and obtained employment in a private security agency under the Russia’s FSB control.

He failed to perform a criminal task, cause immediately was detected by the military counter-intelligence. After the check he was denied to get access to state secrets of Ukraine and this excluded the possibility of staying in the military service.

We recall that high treason threatens imprisonment for up to 15 years and confiscation of property. At the same time citizens of Ukraine are released from criminal liability if they did not commit any acts requested by a foreign state, foreign organization or their representatives and voluntarily reported on links with them and the received task.

This is not isolated case. Recently the Service has reported about detection of two other masked as patriots servicemen-betrayers: a trooper and a serviceman from the JFO area.


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