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Odesa region: SBU exposes chief inspector of the Customs on extortion of bribes from businessmen for import of goods

SBU blocked at the checkpoint "Odesa” International airport" illegal mechanism of taking bribes by officials of Odesa customs house from businessmen for unimpeded pass through the customs border of consumer goods.

SBU operatives established that officials of customs post extorted money for free customs clearance of cargoes, importing by the businessmen from the Middle East countries. For the “encouragement" of businessmen to pay improper advantage the customs officials create artificial obstacles. In particular, they delayed the terms, advanced claims to the shipping documents.

The law-enforcement officers documented four facts of taking bribes by customs officers.

SBU officials together with the State Bureau of Investigations and the State Fiscal Service Internal Security Unit detained one of the involved persons - chief inspector of the customs, while receiving another bribe. The customs officer wanted to remove traces of crime to avoid criminal liability. He tried to hide money in the windowsill of the office. In the framework of the criminal proceedings initiated under part 3 Art. 368 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, urgent investigative actions are continuing for bringing to criminal responsibility other persons possibly involved in the illegal activities. The issue on serving notice of suspicion to the detainee and choosing the restraint measure is being decided. The operation was conducted under the procedural supervision of the regional Prosecutor's Office.

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