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SBU together with the State Customs Service carry out first on-line request for check goods at the Odesa Customs

SBU jointly with the State Customs Service carried out first on-line request for check of goods. The request was sent for the inspection of the consumer and electrical goods consignment at Odesa Customs.

The process of sending requests is conducted through on-line form with transparent and clear plan of actions. Law enforcement officers enter all the information in a special on-line form, which comes to the central office of the Customs and centrally filled in the software and information complex. It provides automated processing of risk deliveries.

Previously, "orientation" on the carrying out of customs inspection was sent from the Service and other law enforcement agencies to specific customs post in a paper format. This led to the fact that at the level of central offices of the customs and law-enforcement agencies it was impossible to trace the number and effectiveness of such "requests". This procedure increased the number of abuses at the local levels. Initiation of the centralized electronic system for sending requests would minimize such phenomena.

"This innovation - is a telling illustration of the changes that are taking place in the country. The point at issue is not simply a new way to send requests, but also to create a new system where every step sets clear and transparent rules. System that allows you to work proactively - not to fight with the consequences but to neutralize corruption at the start. And it is critically important that between our agencies there is a general understanding and interaction in all processes, "- said the Chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov.

"We are to the fullest degree transform work into electronic format and minimize effects of human factor. Especially in matters of checks from law enforcement officers at the customs posts. Cause it is impossible to trace paper requests and they could "get lost" at the customs. Now we are at most localize all this information in one place and will control the process of inspections, "- the Chairman of the State Customs Service Maksym Nefiodov commented the initiation of the first on-line request.

The project was started by the Decree No. 861 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated October 2, 2019 #861 “On implementation of the pilot project for the organization of centralized sending of electronic requests by law enforcement agencies for initiating customs inspection (re-inspection) of goods, vehicles for commercial use”.

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