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SBU changes into effective combatant mechanism – Chief of state (video)

President Petro Poroshenko took part in celebration of the SBU 25-th anniversary.

According to the Chief of state, the Service working results inspire patriotic nationals and excite anger of enemy. “Our special service also has learned to solve enemy’s intentions and to act asymmetrically. In general – it passed on to systemic work”, - he added.

“The dialectic of hybrid war demands new forms of counteraction aggressor from you. The isolated danger are Kremlin attempts of backstabbing, to weaken our state on the inside, to deprive it of liberty and capability of further development. I expect from the Service counteraction to subversive activities of the RF special services, taking of active counterintelligence steps in the frameworks of deterrence against its aggression”, - Petro Poroshenko underlined.

The President also informed that the Council of national security and defense soon would consider the Conception of the SBU reforming with taking into account the correspondent experience and best practices of the EU and NATO member-countries.  

“The SBU separate functions uncharacteristic for classic special services, step by step will be transferred to other law-enforcement bodies. Thus, to the National anticorruption bureau, the State bureau of investigations and the national police of Ukraine will be transferred investigation of several crimes, committed by organized criminal groups”, - Petro Poroshenko mentioned.

The president stressed that the SBU is and will remain the main counterintelligence body of the state. “Among the SBU tasks there are also fight with terrorism, taking of events on blocking terrorist threats, prevention of trespass against territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine”.

The Chief of state noticed that the SBU has lost 21 servicemen from the beginning of the Russian aggression and over 100 received wounds. The first who gave his life for Ukraine in war against Russian aggressor in Donbass was special task force unit “Alpha” captain Hennadiy Bilichenko. The audience paid the tribute to the memory of fallen servicemen.

According to Petro Poroshenko, public is waiting for operational and responsible reaction of the SBU to all challenges. That is why the issue of rising transparency of the SBU activities, consolidation of confidence to the Service from the side of Ukrainian people as to the state institute is emerging full-blown.

The President added that according to social studies the Service belongs to the circle of state institutions, enjoying top confidence as compared with many other state bodies.

The Chief of state also assured that the problem of the SBU officials social protection is under his personal control. “In this connection I would like to stress that even upon condition of exceptionally challenging economic environment the nation’s leadership is finding resources for support of its defenders”, - the President underlined.

The president thanked to SBU officials and the SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak for high professionalism, patriotism, commitment to peace and strong brothers in arms.

The President also handed out state awards to the SBU officials and conferred next military ranks.

Besides, the Prime-minister Volodymyr Groisman also congratulated the SBU. In

particular, he stressed that successful activities of the special service is crucial for the state, hence, the government will do its best for the Service support.      

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