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Vasyl Hrytsak: commemoration of every fallen friends and brothers guarantees our moral victory over the aggressor

The SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak congratulated the participants of the tactical shooting contest in the memory of the officer of the SBU ‘Alfa’ special unit, Hero of Ukraine, Ruslan Luzhevskyi.

The brother of the Hero – Oleh Luzhevskyi – hoisted the flag in honor of the beginning of the contest. The colleagues and all participants paid tribute to Ruslan by a moment of silence. ‘We should always keep the memory of every fallen fellow. This is the guarantee of our moral victory over the Russian aggressor who hides his mercenaries’, the SBU Head underlined.

Almost 140 participants – the officers of the SBU ‘Alfa’ special unit – took part in the contest. They demonstrated their skills in tactical shooting. The SBU Head handed awards to the winners of the contest that took place on June 19-21 on the base of the SBU shooting range near Kyiv. ‘Not only the winners but all soldiers demonstrated the highest level of training. The enemy has already become convinced about our professionalism under combat conditions’, Vasyl Hrytsak mentioned.

The contest was held some days before the date of establishment of ‘Alfa’ special unit under the SBU. ‘Today, being among my fellows, I want to congratulate the commander and each of you with the anniversary of creation of a legendary unit’, the SBU Head addressed the present. He handed state and departmental awards to the officers of the special unit.

According to experienced instructors the tactical shooting contest is one of the most complicated among applied military sports. They include not only the demonstration of accuracy and speed but also the highest level of unity and confidence of every member of the team under almost combat circumstances. Tactical tasks containing of 5 exercises require combat shooting from different types of weapons simultaneously.

The tactical shooting contest is held for already third time and according to the decision of the organizers is devoted to the commemoration of the Hero of Ukraine Ruslan Luzhevskyi. The officer of the SBU ‘Alfa’ heroically fall protecting his fellows in the battle with insidious aggressor in May 2014 near Sloviansk. Ruslan was one of the five best shooters of Ukraine, was the master of sports in shooting sports, close fight, jumped with parachute over 1,200 times during his short life.

For unique courage, heroism and self-sacrifice during the protection of state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to military oath under the Decree of the President of Ukraine No.839/2014 Ruslan Luzhevskyi was awarded the title of the Hero of Ukraine with picking up the order of ‘Golden Star’ posthumously.


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