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Luhansk region: SBU blocks Russian secret services’ attempts of intrusion into CCTV systems

SBU officers carrying out counter-intelligence measures against Russian aggression in the information sphere, blocked Russian secret services’ attempts to get intelligence information by interfering with the external video surveillance systems used, in particular, by state agencies and enterprises of Luhansk region.

SBU operatives established that using IP-address registered in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, the criminals tried to crack the software used for online web-cameras located in a regional administrative building of  a state facility.

The law enforcers also prevented attempt of enemy’s secret service to interfere with CCTV system of a local enterprise situated near a military facility. Some of cameras of the business entity overview the road used to transport the equipment involved in Joint Forces’ Operation.

The SBU specialists warn about increasing number of Russian secret services’ attempts to gain access to intelligence by interfering with external CCTV complexes.

The SBU continues to implement a complex of measures for countering Russian hybrid aggression in the information space.


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