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Evidence of PMC "Wagner" criminal activities

15:06, 28 january 2019
Russia continues its cynical lies trying to justify the crimes committed all around the world. The Kremlin does not stop to “yawl” that armed units of Russia’s General Staff of Armed Forces have nothing to do with protecting dictator regimes in Sudan, Syria, and aren’t involved in CAR murder of journalists who were trying to shed the light onto “clandestine” PMC’s activity.
10:25, 25 january 2019
The official Moscow once again lies to the world community about the absence of Russia-controlled armed units on the territory of other states.
09:49, 21 january 2019
We are presenting you a documentary “SBU vs FSB” which shows the latest key developments of the Ukrainian secret service. The film sheds light on the violent confrontation between the SBU and the special services of the aggressor country. The film centres on the key points of the hybrid war waged against Ukraine - spy and agent networks, the “fifth column”, Russia-run information platforms, subversive groups.
14:57, 20 december 2018
The Security Service of Ukraine continues to inform the public about the crimes of non-tenured unit of Russia’s General Staff of Armed Forces named PMC “Wagner”.
10:27, 04 september 2018
On July 26, the SBU reported that it had information about more than 80 Russian members of “PMC Wagner”, including foreign citizens, who were killed in the SAR as a result of the infantry attack of the Coalition forces on the night of 7-8 February this year. The personal data of 41 mercenaries was published.
15:26, 26 july 2018
Russian political and military leadership intentionally hides from its people huge casualties of mercenaries in the hybrid war in Ukraine and Syria. Ihor Huskov, the Chairman of the SBU Head’s Office stated this at a briefing.
10:28, 02 june 2018
Four years ago, on May 29, 2014, a special unit of the Russian special services called Wagner Private Military Company, consisting of 86 people (for year numbers increased to 1,500), secretly invaded the territory of Luhansk region. SBU identified personal data of each terrorist. Most of the mercenaries in 2013 took part in hostilities in Syria as part of the “Slovianskyi Corpus" company, and later were used by Russia for military operations during the annexation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.
09:29, 19 may 2018
The Security Service of Ukraine keeps on public informing about recording results of Russian war crimes in the territory of Ukraine.

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