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Combating organized crime

12:41, 14 november 2019
In the framework of measures on unshadowing economy the SBU blocked in Ivano-Frankivsk and Zakarpattia regions illegal production and sale of illicit alcoholic drinks amounting to over UAH 3 million.
10:05, 11 november 2019
SBU prevented in Kyiv the contract murder of children's educational club administrator and detained the organizer of the crime.
14:09, 07 november 2019
Potential emergencies at transport infrastructure facilities through logging the trees of shelterbelt along the rail tracks in the Kharkiv region was prevented by the Security Service of Ukraine.
09:52, 24 october 2019
SBU detained the bosses of a gang of “black” real estate agents in Zaporizzhya region who tortured people in order to coerce them into giving away their residences.
19:12, 18 october 2019
Officials of Sumy border detachment helped foreigners from Central Asia in their quest to obtain a legal status in Ukraine. SBU, the State Bureau of Investigation jointly with the Military Prosecutor's Office thwarted this illegal activity.
16:15, 27 september 2019
Thanks to the SBU and the Prosecutors Office, over 1.8 ha land plot of the Rybalskiy Island (Kyiv), which was illegally alienated by the raiders, had been returned to the communal property.
15:22, 18 september 2019
SBU officers exposed and blocked the activity of an organised group specialising in large-scale manufacturing and selling of drugs and psychotropic substances in Transcarpathian region.
12:36, 16 september 2019
SBU officers arrested a citizen of one of Western Asian countries who is on Interpol’s “wanted” list for smuggling of large-scale drug batches in Cherkasy region.
18:40, 06 september 2019
SBU officers unveiled and stopped the activity of an organised criminal group specialising in the illegal manufacture and sale of the means of destruction in the Kyiv region.
16:21, 06 september 2019
The Security Service of Ukraine within the framework of countering economic crime terminated the illegal activity of a group of people specializing in the sale of counterfeit Euro currency.

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