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SBU stops activity of extremist group (video)

The Security Service of Ukraine suspended the activities of Russia-controlled extremist group, which, in order to destabilize the situation in our country, planned to use the growing political activity of the population during the electoral process.

The SBU officers established that the group was coordinated by US citizen Rustam Tashbayev, Russian native, former cadet of Kaliningrad High Naval College, who was expelled from Ukraine for his subversive activity in 2015.

According to the task of the Russian secret services, the group members were supposed to create their own military formations: the ‘Ukrainian Insurgent Army’ (‘UPA’ - located abroad) and ‘Ukrainian National Army’ (‘UNA’ - located in Ukraine).

On the territory of our country, the creation process of the ‘Ukrainian National Army’ was headed by Ukrainian citizen Yu. Zabolotnyi who was repeatedly detained by the National Police officers for illegal weapons storage and robberies, having been brought to criminal responsibility for appeals to overthrow the constitutional order in Ukraine. It was established that for a long time Mr. Zabolotnyi negotiated with a well-known agent of Russian secret services M. Dulskyi concerning financial assistance for conducting extremist activity.

Within the framework of criminal proceedings, the SBU documented that, on the initiative of foreign handlers, during martial law in Ukraine, UNA's leaders established data gathering about places of deployment and routes of movement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine units, in order to execute subversive actions and disrupt the mobilization.

The Russian traces in the ‘UNA’ activity was confirmed by the results of searches conducted at the residences of members of this extremist organization in Odesa (two are citizens of the Russia and the unrecognized Transnistrian People's Republic, the third person 

is a citizen of Ukraine, a native of Transnistria). In particular, law enforcement officers seized the munitions and a thousand of newspaper sheets containing appeals to join ‘UNA’ activity.

During the sixteen searches, law enforcers discovered and seized firearms and cold weapons, improvised explosive devices and grenades, explosives, military equipment, communications means and internal documents of illegal military formation related to its illegal activities.

As the SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak noted, “All attempts to swing the situation in Ukraine, including under the guise of patriotic slogans, are a loosing battle. The Security Service of Ukraine will fulfil its tasks of ensuring the safety of our citizens during the Presidential election in Ukraine.”

In the course of investigative actions, law enforcers exposed and seized automatic firearms and cold weapons, explosives, military equipment, communication means and documents confirming preparations for the overthrow of the Constitutional order and the preparation by ‘UNA’ members of terrorist acts for this purpose.

In particular, at the address of residence and in the car of  Yu. Zabolotnyi, the following was exposed and seized:

  • hunting carbine on the basis of AKMS with signs of remodelling, loading cases and 500 rounds to it;
  • traumatic pistol ‘Fort-12’ with rounds;
  • 10 tactical knives with signs of being cold weapons.

At the address of ‘UNA’ leader  :

  • hunting carbine on the basis of ‘Taurus’ gun with a silencer, loading cases and 80 rounds to it;
  • loading cases to AK assault rifle;
  • ‘Scat’ traumatic revolver;
  • 2 tactical knives with signs of being cold weapons.
  • body armour and other tactical gear.
  • At the place of residence of ‘UNA’ financial chief:

  • hunting carbine on the basis of AKMS with signs of remodelling, loading cases and 500 rounds to it;
  • 2 tactical knives with signs of being cold weapons.
  • leaflets in support of the ‘Direct People's Power Movement’ in Ukraine;
  • tactical gear.
  • At the place of residence of ‘UNA’ tactical training instructor:

  • carbine on the basis AKMS, loading cases and 200 rounds to it;
  • tactical gear;
  • radio and other means of communication.
  • At the ‘UNA’ headquarters:

  • ‘UNA’ symbols: flag, ‘UNA’ uniform with insignia;
  • AK-47 assault rifles  - 2 pcs .;
  • rounds of 7.62 calibre - 200 pcs .;
  • Nagan revolver with rounds - 10 pcs .;
  • TNT block - 200 grams;
  • plastic explosive - up to 200 g;
  • pistol rounds of 7.62 calibre - 70 pcs.;
  • balaclava and tactical equipment.
  • Currently the investigative actions are under way, a joint briefing of the SBU and the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine will follow.

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