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Preventing Illegal Circulation of Weapons

16:39, 16 january 2020
According to the SBU information, a resident of Enerhodar city was sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment for illegal arms selling.
09:55, 27 december 2019
Due to the SBU CI Department effective activities last year 90 persons were sentenced to different terms and types of punishment, in particular 24 - for high treason, 35 - for terrorist activities. These are the results of the Counter-Intelligence Department for 2019.
15:59, 10 december 2019
SBU blocked illegal sales of large consignments of military destruction means in Odesa region.
17:51, 22 november 2019
SBU counter-intelligence blocked illegal activity of one of the citizens of the EU who was trying to illegally transfer military goods for armoured vehicles from Ukraine to EU.
11:37, 31 october 2019
SBU found illegal caches of weapons, ammo and explosives in Lviv and Kherson regions.
17:34, 22 october 2019
SBU counter-intelligence blocked smuggling of small arms and their components to Ukraine.
10:30, 16 october 2019
In Luhansk region SBU uncovered two caches with military munitions earlier arranged by the militants of “LNR” terrorist organisation.
13:07, 08 october 2019
In the course of countering illegal arms trafficking, SBU officers detected another cache with military munitions in Luhansk region.
11:27, 28 september 2019
Resident of Uzhhorod city was sentenced to three years of imprisonment after SBU uncovered him on the sale of military munitions.
12:15, 23 september 2019
In Luhansk region SBU officers unveiled a cache with military munitions, arranged by terrorists of so-called “LNR” in order to conduct sabotage actions in peaceful regions of Ukraine.

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