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Preventing Illegal Circulation of Weapons

16:46, 18 march 2019
SBU operatives established that Sumy resident in 2015, serving in Luhansk region, created several caches with weapons, ammo and explosives with the aim of further sale.
15:30, 16 march 2019
In the framework of countering illegal arms trafficking, SBU officers identified a stash of munitions in Rivne region.
17:43, 15 march 2019
SBU officers in Kharkiv region uncovered and blocked the activities of an arms dealer who sold munitions brought from the JFO area.
09:42, 14 march 2019
Officers of the Main Department for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime jointly with investigators the SBU Main Investigative Directorate under the procedural supervision of the Military Prosecutor's Office blocked the illegal traffic of firearm components to Ukraine.
10:07, 13 march 2019
SBU officers exposed three persons who knowingly reported fake terrorists threats in different regions of Ukraine.
10:46, 04 march 2019
SBU officials, involved in the Joint Forces Operation, exposed a cache with military means of destruction.
13:26, 02 march 2019
In the framework of countering illegal arms and explosives trafficking, the SBU officers blocked the sale channel of military destruction means in Rivne region.
14:51, 28 february 2019
SBU officers involved in the Joint Forces Operation, in cooperation with the Police, found cache with military munitions in Donetsk region.
16:35, 26 february 2019
SBU officers blocked the channel for sale of weapons and ammo from the JFO area in Kharkiv region.
11:59, 22 february 2019
The officers of the SBU Unit for Protection of National Statehood of the SBU Department Chernivtsi region in the framework of measures on countering illegal arms trafficking, exposed the Ukrainian Armed Forces officer on the sale of military destruction means.

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