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Exposing militants and terrorists’ accomplices

12:41, 16 october 2019
SBU documented large scale facts of recruiting Ukrainian citizens by so-called Ministry of State Security of L/DNR, who are delivered from the colonies on the temporarily occupied territories to Ukrainian penal jurisdiction for further serving a sentence.
11:56, 16 october 2019
SBU detained a former militant of so-called “Zaria” batallion of LNR terrorist organisation on his attempt to cross the line of contact in Donetsk region. The militant planned to return to the temporarily occupied Donetsk.
12:52, 09 october 2019
SBU materials helped to convict 3 militants of “DNR” terrorist organization to 9 years of imprisonment in Donetsk region.
17:10, 02 october 2019
SBU counter-intelligence revealed an attempt to recruit a citizen of one of the East Asia countries by representatives of so-called “ministry of state security DNR”, subordinate to Russia’s secret services.
15:38, 27 september 2019
SBU materials helped to sentence in absentia a militant of the terrorist organization “DNR” to 12 years in prison with confiscation of property in Zhytomyr region.
11:54, 27 september 2019
SBU counter-intelligence unit detained a former official of Ministry of Internal Affairs in Zaporizzhya region, on his making direct transactions for the needs of battle units of “LNR” terrorist organization.
15:17, 25 september 2019
SBU CI Department run a special operation in Luhansk region resulting in taking an active member of the “LNR” terrorist organisation to the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities and his further detention.
13:34, 19 september 2019
SBU counter-intelligence exposed and detained a resident of Luhansk who transmitted intelligence to Russian terrorist armed formations.
16:17, 16 september 2019
A former militant of LNR terrorist organisation was detained in Luhansk region.
15:03, 12 september 2019
In the area of the Joint Forces Operation SBU operatives detained a subverter who in 2014 blew up a strategic bridge over the Siverskyi Donets River linking Severodonetsk and Lysychansk.

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