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Exposing militants and terrorists’ accomplices

15:29, 05 march 2020
SBU materials helped to sentence leader of so-called "Sverdlovsk Cossack Regiment of LNR” to ten years of imprisonment.
09:25, 04 march 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine served suspicion notices to two members of illegal armed formations who had been previously detained by the servicemen of the Joint Forces Operation with an interval of a few days.
17:08, 19 february 2020
Counter-intelligence Department of the Security Service of Ukraine arrested an agent of illegal armed formations, who passed the intelligence to the representatives of the so-called LNR MGB.
16:53, 13 february 2020
SBU established the facts of the terrorist attack committed by militants of “Somali” illegal armed formation of the so-called "Ministry of Defence of the DNR” in Avdiivka (Donetsk region) on January 26, 2015.
11:01, 03 february 2020
SBU CI Department officers detained in the area of the Joint Forces Operation a former militant of illegal armed groups of the “DNR” terrorist organization, who for 6 years had been put on the national wanted list.
09:57, 30 january 2020
SBU Military Counter-intelligence officers detained former militant of the "Pryzrak" terrorist organization.
14:51, 29 january 2020
SBU officers detained in Luhansk region an accomplice of militants of the so-called “LNR” illegal armed formations.
16:56, 27 january 2020
SBU CI officers detained in the JFO area a militant of “DNR” terrorist organization, who over two years has shelled locations of Ukrainian troops.
10:41, 13 january 2020
Resident of Kherson region is sentenced in absentia to eight years of imprisonment for support of terrorists
15:37, 03 january 2020
Based on the SBU materials, militant of the “DNR” terrorist organization was sentenced to five years of imprisonment.

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