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Zaporizzhya: SBU runs anti-terrorist training

In Zaporizzhya region, Coordination Group of the SBU Anti-terrorist Centre conducted the command-and-staff anti-terrorist training in a military facility.

The regional units of the SBU, the National Police, the National Guard, the State Emergency Service, power officials and local government representatives took part in the near-real conditions training.

The purpose of the training exercises was to boost the inter-agency cooperation level on preventing the sabotage and terrorist threats.

The participants of the training identified and neutralized "sabotage and reconnaissance groups", which according to the legend of the exercises planned to commit several terrorist acts and sabotage on strategically important objects and seize hostages.

Due to the coordinated actions of the law enforcers, the members of sabotage and reconnaissance groups were detained, the consequences of their subversion were eliminated.

The Coordination Group of Anti-terrorist Centre analysed each stage of the special operation, noted the proper general level of readiness of the units to counter possible terrorist threats, and defined important fields for further professional training.


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