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12:15, 23 september 2019
In Luhansk region SBU officers unveiled a cache with military munitions, arranged by terrorists of so-called “LNR” in order to conduct sabotage actions in peaceful regions of Ukraine.
09:23, 23 september 2019
In pursuance of instructions of the Ukrainian President to counteract the shadow economy, the SBU stopped the activity of a powerful conversion centre in Kyiv, with annual capacity of over UAH 1,000,000,000 (USD 4,000,000).
10:16, 21 september 2019
SBU officers blocked a clandestine drug lab manufacturing amphetamine in Chernivtsi region.
10:08, 21 september 2019
Kharkiv SBU operatives detained a national of one of the South Caucasus countries who was on the Interpol wanted list for the commission of high crime.
12:58, 20 september 2019
SBU officers uncovered on regular bribe-taking a Director of the Centre for work with the foreign students in one of leading Kharkiv universities.
09:23, 20 september 2019
SBU exposed the head of a regional NGO supporting farmers and private landowners on extortion in Mykolaiv region.
13:51, 19 september 2019
The SBU jointly with DBR exposed officials of the Ministry of Interior on fraud of its mortgaged real estate.
13:34, 19 september 2019
SBU counter-intelligence exposed and detained a resident of Luhansk who transmitted intelligence to Russian terrorist armed formations.
11:34, 19 september 2019
SBU operatives identified the officials of the “Sea Trade Port Yuzhny” state enterprise (Odesa region) on embezzlement.
10:49, 19 september 2019
SBU officers unveiled new attempts of Russian special services to recruit Ukrainians for intelligence activities against the state security.

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