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Combating smuggling

16:30, 13 november 2018
In Kyiv, the officers of the SBU Counterintelligence Department exposed seven specialists of the National military-industrial complex on providing the illegal services on repair services for military equipment abroad.
15:52, 12 november 2018
SBU officers prevented smuggling of almost 5 kg of cocaine to Ukraine, in joint operation with the Civil Guard (Spain) and the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine under the procedural guidance of the Prosecutor’s Office.
10:30, 10 november 2018
The SBU officers while executing measures on protection of critical infrastructure facilities in the health care system, stopped illegal activity of a group engaged in smuggling and illegal sales in Ukraine of drugs of questionable quality for cancer patients.
12:04, 08 november 2018
In Zaporizzhia, security officers of Ukraine prevented the illegal export of military-purpose goods that are subject to mandatory export control.
14:45, 07 november 2018
In Kharkiv, SBU employees together with the State Border Guard Service blocked an attempt to smuggle into Ukraine dangerous psychotropic substances from an aggressor country.
10:35, 01 november 2018
Indictment of the Kuznetsovsk city Court, Rivne region, concerning the inhabitant of Varash city who smuggled into Ukraine so-called “bath salt” - psychotropic substances popular among “golden” youth - has entered into force.
16:36, 29 october 2018
In Chernivtsi, the SBU officers exposed two corrupt inspectors of the Border Guard Service.

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