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SBU conducts counter sabotage training in Kharkiv Regional Administration (video)

In the course of the all-Ukrainian counter sabotage training the Security Service of Ukraine released the building of the Kharkiv Regional Administration captured by hypothetical sabotage terrorist group.

The release of the government facility was carried out by the task force units of the SBU, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and National Guard. Operation was executed with an excellent mark. Due to prompt and coordinated actions of the task force units with the use of armored vehicles and with the assistance of the air component of the Ukrainian Armed Forces the sabotage group was neutralized.

The commander of the counter sabotage operation – chief of the SBU Office in Kharkiv region colonel Eduard Kritsyn noted that “today’s training was dynamic and included simulation of the real sabotage acts. New scenarios that were given right in the process of the training, expected adequate reaction and improvising.”

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