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Kharkiv: SBU exposes head of a Borough on cooperation with Russian special services

Head of the State administration of one of the Kharkiv districts was exposed on cooperation with special services of Russia by SBU employees under the procedural supervision of the Prosecutor's Office in Kharkiv region within the framework of the criminal proceedings.

In 2015 the official, on his staying on the temporarily annexed territory of AR of Crimea, was recruited by the FSB for execution of tasks to the detriment of Ukrainian security, SBU operatives established. “Meetings with handlers took place both on the territory of Russia and in the third countries,” the SBU Deputy Head Viktor Kononenko reported at a briefing. According to him, in order to communicate with the Russian side the official, who was cleared for access to state secrets, actively used emails and mobile communication with special applications. 

The SBU officers documented that the district administration, under the offender’s supervision, has factually sabotaged the President's Decrees, ensuring creation of mobilization "queues" on the territory of the Borough.  In addition, the official “masterminded” the creation of alternative Kharkiv-based unions of ATO veterans. “They were involved in money extortion from the local business instead of helping war veterans in the east,” underlined Viktor Kononenko. In the course of the pseudo-NGO activities, personal data about the ATO combatants was collected, systematized and transmitted to the head of the Borough state administration. He accumulated the information on electronic devices for further transferring to Russia special services via pre-arranged electronic communication channels.

During the investigations, the SBU law enforcers found and documented the fact of offender’s collecting the list of the ATO veterans in order to transfer the data to Russian handler. The official collected materials with classified official information that would harm state security of Ukraine if transferred to Russia’s special services, says the state expert on secrets.

Within the pre-trial investigation, the SBU official established a fact of the official’s dual citizenship. With the FSB facilitation, for no apparent reason, the offender used internal Russian passport on the temporarily annexed territory of the AR Crimea in February 2015. In April 2016, the official changed his passport in Moscow-based Office for Migration Affairs of Russian MIA, and was issued the passport for travelling abroad and am individual tax number.

The head of the Borough state administration was served a notice of suspicion of committing a crime stipulated by Part 1 Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (State treason). Since the man is hiding on the territory of Russia from the pre-trial investigation, he will be put on the national wanted list.

The SBU is checking other officials of regional and local authorities of Kharkiv region who may be involved in the agent network of Russian special services and have unlawfully received Russian passports.

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