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09:16, 11 july 2018
SBU officers blocked the attempt of the Russian special services to commit the cyberattack on the network equipment of critical infrastructure facility operated by the company “Auly Chlorine Pumping Station”.
18:40, 10 july 2018
SBU officers uncovered a corrupt assistant of deputy head of the district court in Dnipro.
10:47, 10 july 2018
SBU officers in the framework of the initiated criminal proceeding exposed corrupt deputy chief of the Criminal Investigation sector of one of the district police units in Kirovohrad region.
15:55, 09 july 2018
SBU materials helped to sentence to 14 years of imprisonment the former deputy military commissar who worked in the interest of the Russian special services.
14:12, 09 july 2018
SBU officers in Bukovyna region stopped international organized group involved in smuggling motorcycle and bicycle equipment to Ukraine from the EU countries.
12:37, 09 july 2018
SBU officers involved in the operation of the Joint Forces in cooperation with the National Police uncovered a cache with weapons near the former terrorists’ checkpoint at the former terrorists’ checkpoint on entry to Lysychansk (Luhansk region).
15:45, 07 july 2018
SBU officers in co-operation with the directorate of the State Enterprise “National Nuclear Energy Generating Company “Energoatom” in the framework of implementing measures on protecting the critical state infrastructure in the sphere of nuclear energy, blocked the use of the low-quality equipment at “South-Ukrainian Atomic Power Station”.
14:37, 07 july 2018
SBU officers documented the fact of embezzling UAH 20,000,000 by the officials of a regional branch of the South-Western Railway during purchase of the spare parts for the rolling stock.
13:14, 07 july 2018
SBU officers blocked the channel of supplying of drugs and psychotropic substances to the Chernihiv detention centre.
13:03, 07 july 2018
SBU officers in the framework of measures on countering illegal arms trafficking and preventing terrorist and sabotage activities uncovered the cache with the explosive devices in Zaporizzhya.

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