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19:05, 12 october 2018
SBU under the procedural supervision of Military Prosecutor's Office of the Kryvyi Rih garrison of the southern region of Ukraine detained an attorney on the bribe offer to SBU officer in the Dnipro region.
17:57, 12 october 2018
The SBU officers in the framework of the initiated criminal proceedings exposed a former deputy head of the Higher Economic Court on financing the “D/LNR” terrorist organization.
17:55, 12 october 2018
The SBU investigative department in Zaporizhia region during the investigation of criminal proceedings concerning crimes against the fundamentals of national security of Ukraine established that in the period from July 2015 to October 2018, the officials of a local authority assisted representatives of Russian intelligence in subversive activity against Ukraine. This activity was carried out through headhunting and recruitment of pro-Russian agents among residents of Zaporizhia region and other regions of Ukraine, assistance in preparation for mass actions of protest and mass disturbances, as well as through preparation, transfer of intelligence information concerning social, political and economic situation in Zaporizhia region.
14:17, 12 october 2018
The SBU officers under the procedural supervision of the Regional Prosecutor's Office exposed the corruption mechanism of receiving illegal financial gain by the management of one of the regional subdivisions of “South-West Railway” in Vinnytsia region.
18:53, 11 october 2018
The SBU received next evidence of Russian special services aggressive actions against Ukraine in the cyberspace. Russia used controlled hacker group responsible for conducting cyberattacks known as “BlackEnergy” and “NotPetya” against critical infrastructure facilities of Ukraine in 2015-2017.
17:38, 11 october 2018
The officials of the SBU Pre-trial Investigative Department and the Main Office in Kyiv and Kyiv region, in the framework of the initiated criminal proceeding, documented the facts of incomes laundering illegally received by using the number of Ukrainian stock exchanges.
14:47, 11 october 2018
Following the SBU officers materials, a corrupt head of one of Odesa region district courts is noticed of suspicion by the Prosecutor's Office.
12:58, 11 october 2018
The SBU officers jointly with the unit of Internal Security of the National Police exposed three heads of the unit and the Patrol Police inspector of one of the districts of the National Police Department in Sumy region on the systematic bribetaking.
12:28, 11 october 2018
Officers of the SBU Main Department for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime in the framework of the criminal proceedings, exposed corrupt head of Lviv Customs post “Rava-Ruska" on bribetaking.
10:33, 11 october 2018
The SBU officers jointly with the Prosecutor's Office exposed an official of Odessa regional military commissariat on a systematic bribetaking.

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