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SBU will firmly and decisively prevent attempts of unlawful business pressure – Vasyl Hrytsak

The meeting of the SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak with directors of leading business associations took place on November 30, 2017.

The participants discussed the issues concerning transparency in work of the SBU and business entities, as a significant precondition for creating environment, which would be conductive for leading business activity and involving foreign investments in Ukrainian economy.

The parties stated improvements concerning in cooperation of the SBU and business representatives.

Vasyl Hrytsak assured that the SBU within the limits of competence would exert necessary force for practical supporting of rights and guarantees of business. “We will firmly and decisively prevent attempts of unlawful pressure on business, creation of infrastructure difficulties or other ways of hindering the legal activities of national or foreign companies”, - emphasized the SBU Head.

Business-ombudsman Algidras Shemet mentioned that the level of cooperation between the Business-ombudsman Office and the SBU is the best one among government and law-enforcement authorities. “Since the Memorandum between the SBU and Business-ombudsman Council has been signed, we see real actions taken by the secret service in order to solve the existing problems” – he said.

The president of the Ukrainian businessmen Association Viacheslav Klimov and the president of the US Chamber of Commerce A. Gunder emphasized that the openness of current SBU leaders is important for business and that the experts’ involvement in work on conceptual projects in the field of business is essential.

The parties agreed to implement practical mechanisms of mutual cooperation and to monitor, analyze and react on possible violations against commercial entities in the framework of joint groups of experts.


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