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Zaporizhya region: SBU detects large-scale violations in elimination of dangerous medical waste (video)

SBU officials jointly with the National Police under procedural supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office detected violations in elimination of dangerous medical waste by the company in Zaporizhya and Dnipropetrovsk regions.

The SBU officials in Dnipropetrovsk region documented that a company – “monopolist”, which has correspondent license for disposal, transportation and elimination of dangerous medical waste, did violence to norms of effective legislation. Instead of this the company brought waste to the storages and also to the territory of industrial site in Zaporizhya, which they illegally used as “dust-hole”.

During conducting of these territories inspection the law-enforcers detected 2,5 tons of used medical instruments, medical diagnostic and anti-infective agents, batteries, units and equipment, containing mercury and heavy metals. 1,5 tons of organic medical waste, items contaminated by biological fluids, waste of medical establishments and microbiological laboratories, conducting works with agents of tisis in active form.

According to expert conclusions, the epidemiologic danger in the city was prevented due to the SBU officials activities.  

In the frameworks of criminal proceeding, initiated under p.2 Article 364 of the Criminal code of Ukraine, the urgent investigations related to the bringing of persons involved into the crime to responsibility are under way.

The SBU informed acting head of Zaporizhya regional administration about necessity to take measures, directed to conducting of sorting and further elimination of detected dangerous medical waste. 


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