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Kyiv: SBU blocks smuggling of prohibited drug plants from Africa

Officers of the SBU Department for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime blocked smuggling channel for psychotropic substance in particularly large amounts.

The SBU operatives established that a native of an African country, while staying in Ukraine as a refugee, organized smuggling to Ukraine of drug consignments containing especially dangerous psychotropic substance cathinone*. The drug dealer received the “goods” from friends who visited African countries.

During the investigations at the criminal’s place of residence, the law enforcers seized almost 20 kilos of prohibited substances. A part of the psychotropic substances were planned for shipment to Western European countries, SBU notes.

During the searches officers also seized a number of passports of foreign citizens and stamps that probably were used to legalize the stay of foreigners and stateless persons in Ukraine.

The pre-trial investigation is ongoing in the framework of criminal proceeding initiated under Part 3 Article 305, Part 3 Article 307 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

The operation was conducted jointly with the Department on Combating Drug-Related Crimes of the National Police and the State Fiscal Service.

* Cathinone – a substance from the ‘Cath’ plant, widely spread in the countries of East Africa and the Middle East. It is consumed as after brewing in a pot, as well as by injection; its effect reminds that of cocaine and amphetamine.


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