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Counteraction to Russian aggression

15:27, 17 april 2019
SBU officers in Dnipropetrovsk region prevented the attempt of transmission to Russia of Ukrainian electors’ personal data.
13:29, 17 april 2019
SBU officers unveiled a sabotage-terrorist group of Russia’s special services in Ukraine, said SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak at a joint briefing with the Chief Military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios.
12:58, 11 april 2019
SBU officers uncovered an official of the Main Department of the National Police in the Kharkiv region who worked for the Chief Department of General Staff of Russia’s Armed Forces (the GRU). The information was given by Volodymyr Nastyuk, representative of the SBU Counter-Intelligence Department, at a briefing.
14:21, 30 march 2019
Fighters of the SBU special-purpose unit began patrolling the streets, stations, coach terminals and airports throughout Ukraine.
15:20, 29 march 2019
Officers of the Situational Centre for Cybersecurity of the SBU Cyber and Information Security Department prevented an attempt of hacker group controlled by Russian secret services to conduct a preparatory stage of the cyber attack aimed at the popular media and telecommunication facilities of Ukraine.
14:28, 29 march 2019
SBU Counter-intelligence Department in cooperation with the SBU Main Investigative Department blocked the organized by Russia international channel of arms supply to countries are subject to United Nations sanctions.
08:36, 29 march 2019
The Security Service of Ukraine suspended the activities of Russia-controlled extremist group, which, in order to destabilize the situation in our country, planned to use the growing political activity of the population during the electoral process.
13:46, 27 march 2019
From the start of 2019, Russian secret services have intensified their actions in the information space of our state ahead of the Presidential Election, note SBU officers working in the area of counter-intelligence provision of the state's interests in the field of information security.
09:04, 21 march 2019
The Security Service of Ukraine in the course of protecting information security of the state, has noticed the intensified interference of Russia’s special agencies in election process in Ukraine - though social networks, aiming to influence voter attitudes of Ukrainian Internet users.
15:30, 13 march 2019
SBU officers blocked the distribution of propaganda materials aimed at stirring up religious hatred in Cherkasy.

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