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Combating organized crime

16:45, 31 march 2020
Due to SBU intelligence, the members of an organized group engaged in trafficking of illegal migrants from the Central Asia to Ukraine received a notice of suspicion.
16:15, 19 march 2020
The SBU officers have terminated the activities of an organized ethnic group, involved in committing a series of armed assaults at the business offices and state-owned enterprises in Odesa and the region.
16:25, 18 march 2020
The SBU prevented kidnapping aimed at getting a ransom for a retired judge of the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine.
09:49, 17 march 2020
SBU materials helped to convict members of ethnic drug cartel in Mykolaiv to 7 years and 3 months in prison.
15:00, 16 march 2020
SBU officers blocked in Kharkiv region an illegal scheme of transferring Ukrainians and immigrants from Asian countries to Russia. Among the clients of the criminal group were the suspects put on national and Interpol ‘wanted’ list.
09:48, 16 march 2020
SBU blocked in the JFO area activity of an organized criminal group, members of which were illegally selling firearms, ammo and explosives.
11:07, 14 march 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine blocked the activity of a transnational organized group specializing in smuggling and sale of large batches of drugs and psychotropic substances in Kyiv city.
15:19, 12 march 2020
The SBU officers exposed and blocked the activities of an organized group of the car thieves, coordinated by one of the Russia’s “criminal authorities”.
09:59, 02 march 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine for the implementation of the decision of investigating judge identified and detained the organizer of the smuggling of heroin to the EU, which was prevented by the SBU in Zakarpattya region late last year.
18:18, 26 february 2020
SBU officers detected and terminated activities of four gambling houses, which contrary to the legislation, operated in Khmelnytskyi city.

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