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Exposing militants and terrorists’ accomplices

14:51, 29 january 2020
SBU officers detained in Luhansk region an accomplice of militants of the so-called “LNR” illegal armed formations.
16:56, 27 january 2020
SBU CI officers detained in the JFO area a militant of “DNR” terrorist organization, who over two years has shelled locations of Ukrainian troops.
10:41, 13 january 2020
Resident of Kherson region is sentenced in absentia to eight years of imprisonment for support of terrorists
15:37, 03 january 2020
Based on the SBU materials, militant of the “DNR” terrorist organization was sentenced to five years of imprisonment.
18:07, 04 december 2019
At the administrative border with the temporarily occupied territory of the AR of Crimea the SBU CI officers detained an active supporter of the annexation of the peninsula, a member of Russia's ruling political party "United Russia" Igor Kucheriavyi.
14:20, 20 november 2019
SBU CI officers terminated illegal activities of Donetsk resident, who tried to organize illegal legalization in Ukraine of Russia’s nationals and militants of the “DNR” terrorist groups.
18:49, 04 november 2019
SBU investigation helped to convict “LNR” militant involved in shelling of Ukrainian military units to 8 years of imprisonment.
14:26, 28 october 2019
SBU counter-intelligence detained a member of a “LNR” terrorist unit who took an active part in hostilities against UA forces in Luhansk region.
12:41, 16 october 2019
SBU documented large scale facts of recruiting Ukrainian citizens by so-called Ministry of State Security of L/DNR, who are delivered from the colonies on the temporarily occupied territories to Ukrainian penal jurisdiction for further serving a sentence.
11:56, 16 october 2019
SBU detained a former militant of so-called “Zaria” batallion of LNR terrorist organisation on his attempt to cross the line of contact in Donetsk region. The militant planned to return to the temporarily occupied Donetsk.

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