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SBU conducts interregional countersubotage training exercises

The coordination center of the Antiterrorist Center at the SBU Office in Cherkasy region, with the participation of representatives of the ATC Headquarters at the Security Service of Ukraine, held four-day interregional special countersubotage training exercises.

The regional SBU units, the Police, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, representatives of state and local power authorities participated in the conditions close to real ones in the exercises held in Uman and Khrystynivka districts of Cherkasy region.

According the training cover story, sabotage-reconnaissance group planned to sabotage in the territory of military facility of the region.

The participants of the training exercises worked out a set of measures aimed at the search and counteraction of the sabotage group, the detection of unmanned aerial vehicles and improvised explosive devices.

The purpose of the exercises was to increase the level of interagency cooperation in countering terrorist and sabotage threats, joint response of forces and means from Vinnytsia and Kirovohrad regions to block the area of possible stay of a conditional sabotage group.

The Coordination Group of Anti-terrorist Centre analyzed each stage of the trainings, noted the high level of training and promptness in responding of involved units and their mission readiness.


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