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17:43, 01 june 2020
The SBU exposed unauthorized interference with electronic system of the State Land Cadastre by an UkrGeoCadastre official.
15:00, 01 june 2020
Judge of Mariinsky district court of Donetsk region was served a notice of suspicion of facilitating illegal takeovers of Kyiv city facilities of state, communal and private property. The SBU established that the judge’s actions resulted in illegal alienation of property worth UAH 164 million (USD 6 million) in total.
13:33, 01 june 2020
The SBU exposed officers of the Main Office of the State Fiscal Service in Rivne region on systematic bribe-taking from liquor stores’ owners.
10:49, 01 june 2020
During the quarantine period, the SBU cyber-specialists blocked over 2,600 communities with more than a million subscribers and exposed 385 Internet-agitators who spread fake news about COVID-19 pandemic.
09:48, 30 may 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine has exposed the misappropriation of budget funds allocated for the improvement of the protection system of one of the military units in Vinnytsia region.
19:48, 29 may 2020
SBU suspects of bribe-taking the Deputy Head of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service in Odesa region. Presumably, the official’s actions caused fire accidents with human losses in Odesa.
18:32, 29 may 2020
SBU exposed misappropriation of UAH 500 million (USD 18,5 million) during the construction of roads of state importance in 2018-2019.
17:21, 29 may 2020
Officers of the Security Service of Ukraine exposed military and medical personnel on two facts of bribe extortion from conscripts for assistance in evading military service.
16:49, 29 may 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine documented the facts of illegal sale of wholesale shipments of timber, involving officials of the Khust and Yasinyansky state forestries.
12:13, 29 may 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine served notice of suspicion of corruption to a group of several current and former officials of the Main Department of the State Geo-Cadastre in Luhansk region. The Security Service of Ukraine has documented 16 cases of corruption.

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