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15:20, 21 january 2020
SBU detected embezzlement of the state budget funds allocated for the reconstruction and repair of the previously decommissioned bridge in the territory of the region by officials of the State Road Service of Zhytomyr region.
12:17, 21 january 2020
SBU exposed heads of structural units of Chernivtsi city council and several commercial structures on embezzlement of budget funds, allocated to damages for public transportation of welfare beneficiaries.
09:50, 21 january 2020
SBU officers exposed officials of the Main Directorate of the State Migration Service in the Odesa region on receiving improper advantage for the legalization of foreign citizens in the territory of our country.
09:37, 21 january 2020
SBU Military Counterintelligence prevented the employment to a responsible position in the Ministry of Defense of the Crimean resident with Russian citizenship and contacts with the special services of the aggressor country.
16:23, 20 january 2020
SBU officers, in cooperation with the Prosecutor General's Office detained a former People's Deputy Assistant on suspicion of leading a criminal organization. This person is named in Kateryna Handziuk case as an accused.
16:07, 20 january 2020
SBU blocked the mechanism of consumer goods import amounting to millions of dollars at an undervalue.
14:29, 20 january 2020
SBU officers exposed on bribery a chief of the Investigative unit of the National Police district station in Zhytomyr region.
13:37, 20 january 2020
SBU CI Department uncovered and terminated the subversive activity of a serviceman of one of the combat brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stationed in Dnipropetrovsk region.
14:01, 19 january 2020
“January 8, 2020 became a black day in the history of Ukraine and the world. The terrible tragedy in Iran took lives of 11 our nationals. And society demands answers about the true causes of this grief and bringing all those responsible to justice. Investigation and establishment of a cause-effect chain of events of this catastrophe is a priority for the SBU,” - SBU Chairman Ivan Bakanov stressed.
09:59, 18 january 2020
SBU has documented the mechanism of hidden financing by governmental and non-governmental structures of Russia of fake authorities in the temporarily occupied territory of Donbas.

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