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16:00, 16 may 2018
Cherkasy-based SBU officers blocked the smuggling of special means for information recording (STZ) into Ukraine.
15:18, 16 may 2018
SBU officers in cooperation with the Prosecutor's Office stopped a group engaged in production and sale of counterfeit excise stamps throughout Ukraine.
12:06, 16 may 2018
SBU officers involved in the Joint Forces Operation blocked a Severodonetsk-based criminal group headed by previously convicted citizen of Russia.
19:45, 15 may 2018
The Security Service of Ukraine informs that the head of the propaganda anti-Ukrainian information resource “RIA Novosti Ukraina” Kyryl Vyshynskyi has been notified of suspicion in committing the crime and detained in accordance with Art. 208 of the Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine.
16:17, 15 may 2018
Materials provided by the SBU in Lugansk region helped to jail two aides of the “LNR” terrorist organization.
16:10, 15 may 2018
SBU officers in cooperation with the Prosecutor's Office of Crimean Autonomy exposed and documented the facts of the aggressor state using domestic and Russian journalists for subversive information operations against our country. This was announced at a briefing by Viktor Kononenko, SBU Deputy Head.
14:27, 15 may 2018
Almost a year ago the SBU began public information about results of its investigation on terrorist activities of Russian special service mercenaries from among of so-called PMC “Wagner” in Donbas.
10:45, 15 may 2018
The SBU officers jointly with the AR of Crimea Prosecutor’s Office exposed activities of media structures network, under the Russian control.
09:35, 15 may 2018
The Security Service of Ukraine has exposed yet another bribe-taker, this time the head of Tax Inspectorate in one of the districts of Odesa region.
18:59, 14 may 2018
Employees of SBU CI Department during a multi-level operation thwarted an attempt by Russian special services to abduct from the territory of our country a Russian citizen who in 2014 moved to Ukraine as a sign of disagreement with the aggressive Kremlin policies.

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