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12:20, 07 august 2018
SBU officers detained three people who knowingly reported fake terrorists threats in different regions of Ukraine.
15:21, 06 august 2018
The SBU officials jointly with the State Fiscal Service and the State Border Guard Service blocked the smuggling of a large lot of cartridges for electronic cigarettes from Odesa region to the one of the Middle East countries.
10:24, 04 august 2018
SBU officers under the procedural guidance of the Prosecutor's Office exposed the head of educational unit of Romny penal colony who systematically supplied prisoners with drugs.
18:11, 03 august 2018
SBU operatives in Kirovohrad region under the procedural guidance of the Military Prosecutor's Office detained a serviceman of the Ukrainian Armed Forces who was on ‘wanted’ list since 2014.
17:59, 03 august 2018
The officers of the SBU Department for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime in cooperation with the General Prosecutor's Office exposed a corrupt deputy head of the Pereyasliv-Khmelnytskyi City Council and the head of the City Hall Executive Committee.
15:16, 03 august 2018
The Security Service of Ukraine conducted a scheduled counter-terrorist training in Poltava region.
16:54, 02 august 2018
The SBU officials exposed two servicemen of UA Army on selling explosives in the Transcarpathia region.
15:49, 02 august 2018
SBU investigators completed the pre-trial investigation regarding the case of a group of persons preparing terrorist acts in central Kyiv. This was stated by the SBU First Deputy Head Vitaliy Malikov at a joint briefing with the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko.
15:44, 02 august 2018
Officers of the Regional SBU Office in Crimea unveiled a corrupt inspector responsible for licensing of weapons in the Chaplinsky police department (Kherson region).
15:05, 02 august 2018
The Security Service of Ukraine jointly with the Ukrainian Navy, the State Border Guards Service of Ukraine, the Central Directorate of the National Police, the National Guard of Ukraine and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine conducted the planned counter-subversion training in the Odesa region.

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