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Zhytomyr region: SBU detects two taxmen of regional fiscal service in bribetaking

SBU officials jointly with the National Police under procedural supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office detected two examiners in chief of the fiscal service unit in Zhytomyr region in bribetaking.

The law-enforcers documented that the taxmen forced owners of local fuel filling stations pay them a monthly tax from UAH 5000 to 10000. In case of rejection the offenders threatened affectedly block the fuel filling stations operation. The SBU officials documented several cases of extortion money from businessman.

The secret service operatives detained one of the taxman near Zhytomyr restaurant after handling UAH 10000 to him and another one – in his office.

The investigations, in particular authorized searches in the frameworks of initiated criminal proceeding under p.3 Article 368 of the Criminal code of Ukraine are under way.   


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