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Subversives, terrorists and agents of Kremlin are sentenced under the SBU military CI materials

In 2017 10 individuals are sentenced under the SBU military CI materials for the crimes against national security grounds and 43 for the illegal activities of terrorist nature.

Thus, the retired lieutenant-colonel of the AF of USSR GRU GS is sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment for the high treason. The spy of Russian secret services, who was detected by the SBU officials, tried to “recruit” the officer of Ukrainian army for the collection of data on the AF of Ukraine combat units in the ATO area.

The deputy head of the tactical aircraft squadron of the AF of Ukraine was sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment. He planned by the order of Russian secret services to conduct hijacking of Ukrainian military scout aircraft to the RF territory.

The former lieutenant-colonel of Ukrainian army, which naturalized the RF and was “assigned to the military service” in the AR of Crimea temporarily annexed territory, was sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment. The secret service operatives detained the traitor in due course of attempt to cross the state border of Ukraine.

The SBU military CI in Odesa terminated activities of the RF GU GS AF agent net, comprising of 9 individuals among acting and former Ukrainian servicemen. Beside espionage activities the offenders intended to carry out acts of terrorism and subversions in military and civil facilities.

The AF of Ukraine warrant officer, who put pressure on his subordinates with the aim of deserting to illegal armed formations and also “informed” militants on the ATO forces military positions, was sentenced to 9 years of imprisonment.

The secret services operatives detected in Odesa a contract serviceman at the attempt to purchase 12 Kalashnikov guns and Dragunov sniper rifle. The criminal planned to transport the mentioned weapon to Kyiv for employment during mass events in the period from February 20 to 22. The court sentenced the detainee to 2 years of imprisonment.

The SBU military CI in 2017 also detained 21 members of illegal armed formations.

In particular, the RF national, who joined the “DNR” terrorist organization and took part in combat operations against the ATO forces in the east of our country, was sentenced to 11 years of imprisonment.

Another member of illegal armed formations – the resident of Mariupol was sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment. The secret service operatives detained the offender during his combat duty in illegal forward observation posts of militants.

The law-enforcers throughout the year also detected over 500 facts of illegal turnover of military destruction means.

The SBU military CI keeps on to perform tasks in the ATO area and also block intentions of subversive and reconnaissance groups and agents of Russian secret services to destabilize situation inside the country.                 

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