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Joint statement of SBU Head, Minister of Home Affairs and Secretary of National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine

On October, 14 Ukraine is celebrating the Ukraine Defender Day.

Tomorrow many people will take part in public events, political gatherings and marches to commemorate the date.


Officials of the Ministry of Interior, National Police, National Guard and SBU are also members of our society.

Every 3rd officer of SBU, National Police and National Guard is an ATO veteran.  We share the common values. Our key priorities are Ukraine, its sovereignty, peace and welfare of every Ukrainian.

We are ready to guarantee citizenship rights. We are ready to protect public order and security of every citizen.  

It is of utmost importance to unite over the shared values, keep safe and respect the rights of every citizen at this day.

We remember well all the events of August 31, 2015 when a grenade killed four servicemen of the National Guard and wounded over 120 passers by.

That is why law enforcement bodies will be on alert tomorrow.  We rely on the vigilance of the demonstrators. Our common enemy still exists, so we should understand that the potential provocations are possible.

As rough 2014 showed, our power is our unity, alliance for the sake of key objectives.

This day must be peaceful and worthy of honour of the heroes who gave their lives for freedom and territorial unity of Ukraine.

Do not allow anyone to manipulate you into illegal matters.

We cannot let the enemy use our internal conflicts to profit for its imperialist ambitions; because too many warriors and defenders have died already.

Tomorrow is the commemoration and honour day.  It cannot and should not become the day of disruption and weakness.

Glory to the heroes! Glory to Ukraine!

Mr. Ivan Bakanov

Mr. Arsen Avakov

Mr. Oleksii Danilov

SBU Press Centre


For the Attention of the SBU Head





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